Shawn Mock, FDN-P, LMT
License# MA91280

Shawn's entry into the health care field began in Chicago as a doctor of chiropractic.  Working in a full rehabilitation center he was able to gain the perspective of many different types of health care practitioners and the unique methods they used to uncover the root causes of unwanted conditions in the body.  This environment taught him how to focus on the person with the disease, not just focus on the disease itself.  His work experience in Chicago also included many different avenues that would benefit him later in life while running his own business.

In 2004 he needed a change from the cold Midwest winters, so he moved to sunny San Diego to work for a gym/clinic as a post rehab personal trainer.  At this facility he had the privilege of working with a few amputee athletes that taught him just what the body is capable of accomplishing if you have the drive and motivation.  In 2008 he continued his education by becoming a certified prosthetist which gave him the ability to fabricate prosthetic devices and work exclusively with the amputee population.  During this period of time he noticed that approximately 75% of his patients were diabetic.  He realized that these patients could potentially avoid an amputation if they were given the tools and knowledge to manage the devastating effects of diabetes on the body.  Ironically, around this same time, he was faced with some of his own health issues that required him to apply his holistic health education on himself.  This was the ultimate test to see if natural protocols could positively affect the “dis-ease” process in his body.  Fast forward eight years of drug-free care and he feels better now than he has in the past 20 years.  Experiencing a chronic illness gave him a great perspective of the process necessary to move beyond a state of disease to a state of health.

It was during this time of self rehabilitation he realized he needed to deliver this information to others that wanted an alternative to mainstream medical care.  There needs to be a focus on addressing the root causes of a condition instead of just treating the symptoms.  This requires a much deeper investigative process to uncover and manage the underlying causes of chronic illness.

As he continued his education in holistic health he pulled from two of his greatest resources, Paul Chek and Caroline Myss.  These individuals have influenced his health care career since the early 90s and are a go to resource to this day.  Spending time at the Chek Institute in San Diego led him to the discovery of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) and filled a big piece of the puzzle for the “test, not guess” method of investigation.  He also has to thank Kiran Krishnan, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Jason Prall, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Chris Kresser, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Mark Hyman and a very supportive family for being a big part of his education.

Shawn enjoys working with any individual that has the desire to make a change in their health.  It is certainly good to be skeptical and question all the information but to also be open to the possibility of change.  Dr. O’Bryan says, "the only thing we can’t heal is a rigid mind."

Current Certifications

  • FDN-P
  • Chek HLC Level 2
  • ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching
  • Certified Gluten Practitioner
  • LMT
  • Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Medical Specialist

phone or text: 954-440-6869
email: info@cetanahealth.com